How to have a full party!

Hey guys its me again! Today I decided to make a post not about rarity, because Animal Jam isn’t really about that. Sometimes it can be very fun just hanging out with friends at your den. So today, I will show you how to have a good party at your den. A good party can be for trading purposes too- most people host trading parties anyways. Here are some steps to have a full party!

Follow these few steps to have a full party:

  1. Customize your den to make it look beta or cool, something that jammers want to see. Make sure you will be with them when the party starts, as a good host will.
  2. Unlock your den and go to a full world, I always choose Aldan because it has a lot of players.
  3. Say whatever you think is best to say to get them to party at your den. Make sure you don’t just say ‘Party my den!’ something like, ‘Epic Beta Trading my den! Make it full!’
  4. Wait for the jammers to come rolling in (be patient) 😀

Hope you enjoyed and know how to have a full party now! 😀