What is fair for rare long spike collar?

Many people have been asking what is fair for a long collar… I say, what color? All collars’ rarity depend on COLOR. See my post on rarity order to see whats the least rarest, visa versa. Spike Color Rarity Order  Rarest is black, least is orange, though. SHORT collars (Ok and bad colors only)  are half of bad longs. Yellow(Medium) Is about two good short collars, except two black.  The Color rarity is the same for shorts and longs . Black is very good and rarer then the second rarest (Red) by a LOT. It’s about two red long collars. I have a post on black longs (Black Long Collars) ,so here is orange, pink, green, and yellow‘s common fair trades. (The ‘bad’ colors, yellow is ok) In order from least to rarest

Remember: You can switch out an item for another of same rarity!

1. Orange LEAST RAREST- (Oh btw, the items listed are SEPARATE, X3)

  • Rare Headdress and a Party Hat
  • 2 Party Hats
  • Neon bow (Or a short collar, medium/bad) and Rare Headdress (Equal to a short collar, medium)
  • Party Hat (Or anything worth a medium short collar) and two Long Wrists (Medium or good colors) (Two good long wrists is also worth a bad/ok short collar!)
  • Neon Bow and add

2.  Pink A little more than green and orange!

  • Two short collars, one medium, one bad (You can do two items worth a short collar instead too!)
  • Neon bow, Rare Headdress, Short wrist (Or a good den beta)
  • 4 Black Long wrists

3.  Green A little over than orange!

  • Pink and Purple Headdress,
  • Neon bow, good long wrist, bad short collar

4.  Yellow  An ‘ok’ color!

  • Pink and Purple Headdress and neon bow
  • Green and Raspberry Headdress
  • Two Rare Headdresses and bad short wrist
  • Black short and a ok/bad short (Equivalent to two medium shorts plus a den beta/bad short wrist )

Now for the… GOOD COLORS! Woop! Very wanted items… In order from least rarest to rarest (Blue, Purple, Red)

1. Blue Over Yellow Long by a short collar

  • Two bad long collars, plus you add good (Its a little under for two)
  • Black short, Medium/bad short, Neon bow (About two bad longs)
  • Yellow Long and a medium short collar
  • Founder and three good den betas (Or an orange short)
  • Founders Hat

2. Purple Some jammers say its equal to blue, if you check its really not…

  • Three short collars (Medium colors)
  • Two bad long collars
  • Yellow long and a good short collar
  • Founder and three good den betas (Or a medium short)

3. Red Very, very wanted

  • One medium headdress
  • Yellow long and a bad long (Not orange)
  • Four medium short collars
  • Founder and an orange long collar (Or a black short)
  • Magneta Headdress

Now you know whats REALLY fair! Also: Assume when I say ‘long’ or ‘short’ I mean RARE. XD ,Yes there is confusion! Now start trading!  🙂


836 thoughts on “What is fair for rare long spike collar?

    • My usernames Tilly2679, I just sent you a buddy request. I have an offer on my trade list. It’s a purple long, yellow sweets wallpaper, RC car, larger planter, and the spring elf tail armor.


    • NO. THAT IS NOT FAIR! Unless your blue was studded, if you had a blue log and traded for a red studded collar, I’m sorry, but you were scammed 😦 !


  1. Will anyone trade me a pink long for my green one? I could add something with the green long if you’d like. A magenta top hat? Idk, You can say anything. I’ve been looking for one FOREVER. My user is Glitterheart123 on AJ. Jag me what you will want me to add/Want to trade your Pink Long For My Green.


  2. I have a rare green long spike in aj…wut is it rlly worth now it’s September 2 ^.^ I just rlly want know wut it’s worth know if u can’t say nothing now…..my aj acc is alliekitty2 no caps lol tysm if u do tell me wut my rare long green spike is worth now ^-^


  3. Ehh, this is entirely wrong, spike collars are no where near worth a magenta furry, as of now, spike collars may be rare and even have a lot of demand, but still, give it a few years maybe 1-2 and almost everyone would have a spike due it being commonly found in forgotten desert -_-


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