How to get a free* spike!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I have lots of projects, THANKS A LOT SCHOOL!!! >:c  Anyways, I wanted to announced I have reached 4K views! Thanks so much guys!! ~Ok so, lets get started. :3

Step 1. Find clothing betas/den ‘betas’/ Diamond shop or Epic Wonders items. Fox hats and Bows&Arrows are perfect.

Step 2. Put on trade list, and just these items. Yno how people like to trade for the same item? Yep, its annoying. :/

Step 3. Go to a very populated or full world. You can also go to a famous jammer’s den, like Wootmoo’s. If it’s full (which it usually will be), click repeatedly. If its Sarpia Forest (in Aldan definitely), its awesome b/c you can click in the same spot! Also works in Jamma.

~Remember, you want rare people!~

Step 4. Say ‘Trade me den betas!’ Or something really close to that! It has to be den betas; real den betas. If you have a den ‘beta’ (like I said…) that would be geckos or birthday cakes (EXCEPT THE FIRST 1 :o) If you aren’t sure about good den betas, check out my other post 15 Good Den Betas! Accept good den betas.

Step 5. Once you have 2-4 (depending on how beta they are; fire pit and any beta floors/walls would be really good) den betas, trade for a short spike. Also notice people want overtrades. Give ’em something extra ;). But not too much. Just like add in something wanted, or they’ll say to take it out. AND BEFORE YOU KNOW IT, SOMEONE ELSE TRADES AND GETS IT! 😄

Step 6. Ok, so collect short rare spikes. I would trade for one of the bad ones like orange, pink, or green. It all depends. Now, get all these and trade for a long rare spike wrist. 4 bad’ will get you one red or purple (good) long spike wrist.

Step 7. Now you have some goods. You can now get a collar!! ‘Yayy’!!! A short one. ‘Awww’…A black long spike wrist will get you a pink or orange; but not a green short collar. You may have to sweeten the deal a bit. People like their spikes. 3 Black long wrists will get you a red, blue or purple collar. (take the red if you have a choice).

Step 8. Once you have a black short collar, that would be equivalent to a pink or orange long. Two pink longs would be a little over a blue (maybe a red long). Two red longs would be…  A BLACK LONG COLLAR!  Woo!!!

Now you have a FREE* black long! Well, it will take a bit of time. Patience=Spikes. 😀

*You still need clothing betas/den ‘betas’/ Epic Wonders or Diamond Shop items though…



18 thoughts on “How to get a free* spike!

  1. Hi guys! My blog is snowjam on wordpress. But NO ONE reads it. WHY? Because I named it snowjam, and if u search it ITS NOT THERE *starts to get angry at herself*



  2. Hi! My name is EnchantedTinycloud15 and i really want a PURPLE OR BLACK LONG COLLAR! i have good items on trade!!!!!!!! come ans see me for more detales!!!!!And also join me in the FIGHT FOR PARTY HATS AND GAZLE HORNS!!!!! SEND ME A BUDDY REQUEST TO!!!!!!


    • You’re honestly a idiot, This was made over two years ago, and I’m sure she now focuses on school more than this blog, And please, before calling someone a ‘ mental retard ‘, Learn how to spell correctly. Maybe you should focus more on school, hypocrite.


  3. Can i please please please have a pink spiked collar or headdress? I got scammed and now I can only have store bought items ;-; my username is PartyPet1, and my password is password123 (easiest password ik T^T)


  4. man i overtraded for a blue long 😦 BUUUUUUT it was worth it i mean i traded a blue short collar, red long wrist and a orange long and all of my good items except elf tail and jamaaliday scarf


    • What about beebunny54 6/18/16 at noon? I have a diamond spike that someone gave me for a necklace. Long story………..


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