How to get a free* spike!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I have lots of projects, THANKS A LOT SCHOOL!!! >:c  Anyways, I wanted to announced I have reached 4K views! Thanks so much guys!! ~Ok so, lets get started. :3

Step 1. Find clothing betas/den ‘betas’/ Diamond shop or Epic Wonders items. Fox hats and Bows&Arrows are perfect.

Step 2. Put on trade list, and just these items. Yno how people like to trade for the same item? Yep, its annoying. :/

Step 3. Go to a very populated or full world. You can also go to a famous jammer’s den, like Wootmoo’s. If it’s full (which it usually will be), click repeatedly. If its Sarpia Forest (in Aldan definitely), its awesome b/c you can click in the same spot! Also works in Jamma.

~Remember, you want rare people!~

Step 4. Say ‘Trade me den betas!’ Or something really close to that! It has to be den betas; real den betas. If you have a den ‘beta’ (like I said…) that would be geckos or birthday cakes (EXCEPT THE FIRST 1 :o) If you aren’t sure about good den betas, check out my other post 15 Good Den Betas! Accept good den betas.

Step 5. Once you have 2-4 (depending on how beta they are; fire pit and any beta floors/walls would be really good) den betas, trade for a short spike. Also notice people want overtrades. Give ’em something extra ;). But not too much. Just like add in something wanted, or they’ll say to take it out. AND BEFORE YOU KNOW IT, SOMEONE ELSE TRADES AND GETS IT! XD

Step 6. Ok, so collect short rare spikes. I would trade for one of the bad ones like orange, pink, or green. It all depends. Now, get all these and trade for a long rare spike wrist. 4 bad’ will get you one red or purple (good) long spike wrist.

Step 7. Now you have some goods. You can now get a collar!! ‘Yayy’!!! A short one. ‘Awww’…A black long spike wrist will get you a pink or orange; but not a green short collar. You may have to sweeten the deal a bit. People like their spikes. 3 Black long wrists will get you a red, blue or purple collar. (take the red if you have a choice).

Step 8. Once you have a black short collar, that would be equivalent to a pink or orange long. Two pink longs would be a little over a blue (maybe a red long). Two red longs would be…  A BLACK LONG COLLAR!  Woo!!!

Now you have a FREE* black long! Well, it will take a bit of time. Patience=Spikes. 😀

*You still need clothing betas/den ‘betas’/ Epic Wonders or Diamond Shop items though…



24 thoughts on “How to get a free* spike!

    ~ Thank you, my animal jam username is iloveaj85080


  2. I am so dumb! I had two rare short wristbands (Got them from somebody trading for my Clover leg armour) I traded one for a magenta spike (Which shortly disappeared mysteriously) and the other for a black straw hat (Which I had to give back), phantom leg armour (I had already but having two is cooler) and two rare New Year Party Hats. Then, one of thae hats diappeared (Or I forgot what I traded), and the other… I traded for a lynx plushie :/


    • P.S. My username i iloveaj85080 if you want to buddy me. You will find it that I’m a nm wolf/pig, my wolf should be wearing a black worn or a deep blue sword, if not one of my three bow and arrows. And if I’m my piggy, it should be entirely white wearing a rare blue fox hat, black ribbon scarf, blue racer jacket and blue woven shoes.


  3. Hi guys! My blog is snowjam on wordpress. But NO ONE reads it. WHY? Because I named it snowjam, and if u search it ITS NOT THERE *starts to get angry at herself*



  4. Hi! My name is EnchantedTinycloud15 and i really want a PURPLE OR BLACK LONG COLLAR! i have good items on trade!!!!!!!! come ans see me for more detales!!!!!And also join me in the FIGHT FOR PARTY HATS AND GAZLE HORNS!!!!! SEND ME A BUDDY REQUEST TO!!!!!!


    • You’re honestly a idiot, This was made over two years ago, and I’m sure she now focuses on school more than this blog, And please, before calling someone a ‘ mental retard ‘, Learn how to spell correctly. Maybe you should focus more on school, hypocrite.


  5. Can i please please please have a pink spiked collar or headdress? I got scammed and now I can only have store bought items ;-; my username is PartyPet1, and my password is password123 (easiest password ik T^T)


  6. man i overtraded for a blue long 😦 BUUUUUUT it was worth it i mean i traded a blue short collar, red long wrist and a orange long and all of my good items except elf tail and jamaaliday scarf


    • What about beebunny54 6/18/16 at noon? I have a diamond spike that someone gave me for a necklace. Long story………..


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