What’s Fair for a Non-Rare Headdress? 2015

Hi guys! I haven’t posted in a bit because of of my swim team practices and constant meets. But anyways, I wanted to thank you guys for 12K views!! I was thinking I could even post some of my videos at 15K. I will definitely release a video on my 1st year anniversary! 😀

Ok, to start off, you may have noticed I already have a post on non-rare headdress but, that one is as of July 2014. Headdresses have gone up a TON, and I regret trading my light pink headdress 😦 Anyways, like almost all items, there is a color rarity for headdress. Here it is: (Best to Worst)

  1. Light Pink Headdress                (Best)
  2. Green and Black Headdress     (Good)
  3. Blue and Grey Headdress / Yellow and Red Headdress (Tied)   (Good)
  4. Green and Magenta Headdress/ Green and Grey (Tied)             (Ok)
  5. Orange Headdress                  (Bad)
  6. Pink and Purple Headdress     (Bad)
  7. Rare Headdress                       (Worst by far…)

Headdresses are easily the most wanted item on Aj, but not the rarest 10 Rarest Items (Magenta Furry is the rarest item). If you have a headdress, you are lucky! Headdresses are at a stable rarity, and probably not going to rise anymore, so you should trade it if you have multiple! So, now for some fair trades for it!

  1. Light Pink Headdress-
  • Founder, Blue Long, Yellow Long
  • Black Long set and a Rare Headdress
  • Red Long, Blue Long, Purple Long
  • Glitched Ring
  • Black Tiki and Neon Bow and a Bad Long
  • Two ok headdresses
  • One good headdress, a Red Long, and a Founder


  1. Green Black Headdress-
  • Red Long set and Founders
  • Good headdress and a short collar
  • Two Bad Headdresses
  • Light Pink Tiki
  • Black Long
  1. Blue Headdress/ Yellow and Red Headdress-
  • Bad Headdress and Bad Long
  • Two good longs
  • Founders and Red Long
  • 7 Good Short Collars
  1. Green and Magenta Headdress/ Green and Grey Headdress-
  • 3 Founders
  • 5 Good Short Collars
  • 3 Bad Longs
  • Pink and Purple Headdress and Blue Long
  1. Orange Headdress-
  • 3 Rare Headdresses
  • Red Long
  • Pink and Purple Headdress and Black short collar
  • Founders and Yellow Long set
  1. Pink and Purple Headdress-
  • 2 Rare Headdresses and a Black Short
  • 4 Good Short Collars/ 5 Ok Short Collars
  • 2 Bad Longs
  • 3 Black Short Collars
  • Red Long
  • Purple Long set
  1.  Rare Headdress-
  • Black Short
  • Neon Bow
  • Orange Long
  • Pink Long (a lil too much)
  • Orange Long
  • 6 Good Den Betas
  • 3 Black long wrists
  • 2 Bad shorts

Welp, hope you enjoyed! Oh, and yes I know all the headdresses are ‘i’, this is a glitch I will try to fix. And remember, these are not all fair trades and all bullet points and SEPARATE from the others in the offers XD  Happy Trading!


237 thoughts on “What’s Fair for a Non-Rare Headdress? 2015

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  2. ill trade yellow short wrist, zios sculpture, giant gumball machine, three worns and two beards for HD IDC if rare or unrare btw


  3. hai im Pakutaco I’m Looking for any color HD i will trade pink long green long and beard and pink jamaliday bow and pink worn if anyone has any good trades just Jag me on aj thx


  4. Hi, My animal jam username is animaljamclans. I am looking for ANY headdress, i am here are some offers.
    Offer#1 yellow long spiked collar, green long spiked collar, solid gold spike collar and solid black long wristband spike.
    Offer#2 beta bronze giraffe statue, red arctic hood, lions mane, orange elf tail armour, light blue and dark blue fox hat.
    Offer#3 20 Monday rares, 2 rare bow and arrows 2 non rare bow and arrows, beta teacup and beta arctic wolf plushie.
    Reminder my username is: animaljamclans, buddy request me if needed, jag me if you want offer 1, 2 or 3 i will get back to you in a day or two 🙂 even comment down below here to i can check 🙂


  5. Hi! I’m offering for a really bad unwanted headdress, List of items I’m gonna offer

    2 Vegetable baskets

    Mystic fairy wings (orange)

    Lions mane

    Light up flower ring

    (rare) bow and arrows (pink)

    (rare) Yellow spiked collar

    (Light Red and bronze) Mech angel helmet

    (black, gray, and blue) elf helmet

    (Rare) (blue) big bow

    (Black) Jamaaliday bow

    (Diamond) (gold) spike collar

    (Diamond) (rainbow) Spike collar

    (diamond) (Pink and blue) spike collar

    (Beta) Rocking horse

    (blue) (beta..?) Hovering desk

    (beta) Wooden floor

    Jag me if you wanna trade!



  6. i really want a light pink hd here’s my offer

    rare custom magenta top hat

    black jamaaliday scarf

    pink / red mech angel helmet

    (pink) diamond shop rocker boots

    black cat ears

    beta skull helmet

    pink feather tail diamond shop

    rare arctic wolf plush

    gingerbread gauntlets

    if deal send me a jag saying headdress! to snowbraid1

    optional i can add a den beta if u want


  7. Hi!! I am offering for any headdress the following:
    2 rare black long spike collars,
    Red long spike collar
    black short spike collar rare
    Magenta hockey mask (rare and glitched)
    Tan beta elf tail
    Rare yellow long spike collar
    Green Party Hat
    Reply to my comment if deal, im Jujubedash on animal jam, and if u want to accept my items for any headdress, tell me which color( Dont offer a RIM headdress, U know its waaaaaay not fair :P)


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