Thanksgiving Giveaway! -CLOSED-

Hey guys! Back again (Finally!) I wanted to start posting more often with a nice giveaway just in time for Turkey Day! Thank you all for 70,000 views (WOAH)!!!! Think of this huge giveaway as a thank you gift! This giveaway I will be giving away….




(fall colors)

Thats right, 3 long collars! I wanted to get some inventory space so there will be 2 winners! Because this is a huge giveaway, at least 30 jammers must enter! If there are less, the prize is tbd! To enter you must:

  • Not be the last winner

Comment below-

  • Your favorite Thanksgiving food
  • Your username
  • If you dont celebrate thanksgiving- comment your favorite type of pie! πŸ˜›

Both winners will be randomly selected on November 26th, 2015. Deadline on November 26th, 2015; 5pm EST! Good luck to all! πŸ˜€


93 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Giveaway! -CLOSED-

  1. Hey Paloma, its me Neon I haven’y been on AJ in a while. The blog says the giveaway is still open, so my user is NeonConfidence (as you know) and my favorite pie is Apple Pie :> gl to evryone else


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