New Gem Codes for 2016!

Hey guys! Its me again, palomawolf9aj. As suggested, I have decided to post a few updated gem codes. Its always good to have more gems 🙂

Here you go! Working as of July 2016!

  • Phantoms  -500 gems
  • llamas  -500 gems
  • arctic  -500 gems
  • birthday  -500 gems
  • mega  -500 gems
  • explore  -500 gems
  • trench  -500 gems
  • tojam  -1000 gems
  • animals  -500 gems
  • explorer  -100 gems
  • ajbday5   -Animal jam 5th birthday cake (den item)



Enjoy your gems! 😀


7 thoughts on “New Gem Codes for 2016!

  1. Hello! I have a blog too, the Animal Jam Starswirl! I would greatly appreciate it if you could check it out and maybe give me some tips or how to do certain things that could make it better! Please and Thank you!


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