What’s Fair for a Neon Bow?

Hello guys! Its me! Im back again with an Item Info post! I haven’t done one if these in quite a bit. Today I will be telling you all about Neon Bows. You will know their worth and value, and some good trades for one. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

Notes- This is the rarest of all bows because this ‘Neon Bow’ can’t ever be purchased and there is no way of obtaining this item other than receiving it by AJHQ. You can not win it either, unlike the other bows.

Good, Common Trades for a Neon Bow (one bullet point is one trade)

  • A Black Short Collar
  • A Party Hat- Pink or Green or Yellow or Orange and a spike wrist(short)
  • A Party Hat- Blue or Red or Purple or Silver
  • A Purple/Red/Blue Short Collar and a Purple/Red/Blue short wrist
  • 14Β Good Den Betas (Examples: Ice Mira, Gem Bowl, Wooden Floors)
  • 2 Short Collars (Bad Colors like orange,Β green or yellow or pink)
  • 4 Long wrists (Half Good colors and Half Bad colors)
  • 2 Long black wrists (-best color)
  • A Founders Hat

Above are some common trades that I see often for neon bows. Neon bows are worth approximately a black short collar, so I gave a few extra trades that wasn’t that exact item. Remember: Sometimes you have to add a bit to get a high demand item because owners usually really love their items a lot! If you would like to trade for a neon bow, I have a couple up for trade. Post offers in the comments if you want! Hope you enjoyed, see you next time! c:

An offer I got for a neon bow:

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 7.27.27 PM



38 thoughts on “What’s Fair for a Neon Bow?

  1. Hi πŸ˜„ I traded a red short, 5den betas and 2 custom spikes for mine. I know it was a little bit of an over trade, but I kept it for like a month before trading it! I got a bunch of clothing betas for it later and my first ever promo pet! πŸ˜€ my user I krowl33 if u wanna be buddies πŸ˜‹


  2. I have a neon bow, would anyone be willing to trade a rare necklace & wood floor for it? OR is this an over? My user is Volkybeta349fox.
    Have a Nice day πŸ™‚


  3. I Have A Neon Bow! Mainly Want Promos, Betas Or Some Shorts? Jammagram Me “Come Play With Me!” Or Whatever So I Know Your’e From This Blog. Im Mysterious0bjects! TY!! :3


  4. hi my username is cutiepieswan and I’m offering good art, promo wings, and lions mane for neon bow. anyone know if fair? if yes plz jag me on aj


  5. Black heart ring, white heart ring, pink heart ring, art easel, globe, wooden toy box, scarecrow, zombie mask and a pink flower crown. Is that fair? Or is it under?


  6. Once my friend gave me a black party hat with a matching worn, is that a fair offer for a neon or was he being nice? cuz I didn’t even have a spike
    And btw he is not a random person, he is my best friends cousin. His name is justin


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